Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Senator Ted Kennedy, along with his son, Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy, and niece Caroline Kennedy have endorsed the candidacy of Barack Obama. Both Senator Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy compared the Illinois senator to the late Jack Kennedy, who had to overcome prejudice against his relative youth and his Catholicism.

The Massachusetts senator said of Obama, “He will be a president who refuses to be trapped in the patterns of the past. He is a leader who sees the world clearly without being cynical. He is a fighter who cares passionately about the causes he believes in without demonizing those who hold a different view.”

Kennedy went on to say, “With Barack Obama, there is a new national leader who has given America a different kind of campaign, not just about himself, but about all of us. A campaign about the country we will become, if we can rise above the old politics that parses us into separate groups and puts us at odds with one another.”

We have to agree with Senator Kennedy, but we must add that you don’t have to be young to bring a new face to politics. Democrat Dr. Carl Perrin is older than any other candidate, yet he brings a new style to campaigning. Who else is running for the highest office without spending a dime on advertising or any of that stuff? Who else is staying above mud slinging? You don’t hear Perrin quoting Bill Clinton: “I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”? You don’t hear Perrin bringing up that kind of stuff. You don’t hear Perrin making promises that he won’t be able to fulfill: “I will spend $20 billion [of your money] to revive the American auto industry.”

Perrin makes just one promise: that he will make sure that cheap beer remains available to American working men and women. Cheap beer is dear to Perrin’s heart and stomach, and you can be sure that he will follow through on that promise.

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