Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Romney pulls a win in his home state of Michigan. McCain and Huckabee, who placed second and third in the Michigan Republican primary, headed straight for South Carolina. Democrats didn’t compete in the Wolverine State because it violated party rules by changing the date of its primary.

The next contest is the Nevada caucuses on the 19th, but the next big fight will be the South Carolina primary on January 26. Huckleberry hopes to do well there because of his appeal to Evangelicals. McCain hopes to win because of his appeal to Independents and to the military. Romney hopes to make a good showing after his Michigan win.

On the Democratic side, Edwards has an edge because he was born in South Carolina. Clinton and Obama both hope that their respective wins in New Hampshire and Iowa will give them a boost on the 26th. These establishment politicians could be in for a surprise, though, because dark horse candidate Carl Perrin has something that none of the other Democrats can claim. He has military experience. Not only that, but he served in the Dixie Division at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, during the Korean War. See the picture of him above outside his tent at Jackson. It could be a whole new ball game if Perrin is able to pull off a win in South Carolina.

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