Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Are illegal aliens crossing our borders to take jobs that are too unpleasant for Americans to do? Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin scoffed at that idea and pointed to a program at Purdue University where students are paid to sniff manure. Albert Heber, a Purdue professor of agricultural and biological engineering, pays students $30 to sniff samples of barnyard air in varying degrees of concentration. The purpose of the program is to test various types of odor-mitigation techniques to determine how close to the barnyard people can live without finding the odor offensive.

Perrin pointed out that these are American students doing the smelling. “We don’t need to hire illegal aliens to smell cow shit. We can do it ourselves.”

Carl Perrin grew up on a New Hampshire farm, so he really knows shit. He says he doesn’t even have to go to Iowa to identify the heavy smell in the atmosphere: It’s bullshit.

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