Thursday, November 1, 2007


Unlike some of the candidates who waffle and come down squarely on both sides of the issue, Dr. Carl Perrin is stating his positions clearly and unequivocally. Some of those candidates are so afraid of offending some element of the electorate that they have elevated to a high art the skills of dodging and weaving and evading questions on issues. Perrin, on the other hand, is going to tell it like it is. If some people don’t care for an honest, direct answer, then Perrin doesn’t need their votes.

On illegal immigration Dr. Perrin will form a committee to study that issue as soon as he is elected president. No one is more concerned than Perrin with this important problem.

As a senior citizen himself, struggling by on Social Security, Perrin knows how important that topic is not only to seniors, but to everyone who will someday become a senior. One of the first things Perrin will do as president is form a committee to study the best way to handle Social Security.

What should be done about Iran’s messing around with the atomic bomb? Surely this is one of the most pressing questions facing our country today, and as soon as he is elected, President Perrin will appoint a committee to get cracking on this problem.

There is a crisis in American health care with millions of people lacking health insurance. Several other Democratic candidates have come up with plans to deal with this issue, and that is commendable. Perrin plans to start a committee soon to study health care.

Bush’s ill-advised war in Iraq has been a disaster in every way, costing American and Iraqi lives, billions of dollars every month, and prestige around the world. The question is: how do we get out of it without making things worse than they are already? Never fear; Perrin will have a study group working on that.

And cheap beer? Perrin has already stated his position on that. He will keep beer prices affordable for the American beer-drinking public.

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