Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Lou Dobbs insists that he will not run for the presidency, but he doesn’t like any of the Democratic or Republican candidates. A little over a week ago he said there would be a new candidate, someone whom he described an "independent populist . . . who understands the genius of this country lies in the hearts and minds of its people and not in the prerogatives and power of its elites." Hey, wait. Does that sound like anyone you’ve seen on television? It seems clear that he is referring to this “mystery candidate” so he can build interest and get a lot of attention when he actually makes the announcement.

We are reminded of Stephen Colbert, who made a brief stab at the South Carolina primary and then withdrew when the Democratic Party did not accept his application. Colbert is no longer running for the presidency, but his brief fling with politics sure as hell helped the ratings of his show. Dobbs’s non-announcement has also helped the ratings of his TV show.

You have to hand it to Dobbs. He is consistent. No matter what is going on in the real world, Lou is always able to relate it to his hobby horse: illegal immigration and trade agreements with other countries.

Stephen Colbert and perhaps Lou Dobbs had their little fling with the nomination to raise the television ratings. But Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin doesn’t have a television show. He is not a Johnny-come-lately. He has been in the race since last spring. Perrin is in for the long haul. Perrin: a man of the people and the people’s choice.

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