Friday, November 2, 2007


Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin breathed a sigh of relief when he learned that South Carolina Democrats had rejected Stephen Colbert’s bid to appear on the ballot in the state’s primary. Perrin has some connection with South Carolina, having been stationed at Fort Jackson, just outside of Columbia during the Korean War. Nevertheless, our favorite candidate knew it would be tough to go against South Carolina native son Stephen Colbert.

Unfortunately Perrin will not be on the primary ballot either. No one told him that Thursday was the deadline for filing. Anyway, he doesn’t have $2500 in his campaign fund to pay the filing fee. Sure, money keeps coming in from Maine volunteers who are collecting returnable cans and bottle for him, but $2500 is more than he has raised since he began his campaign last spring.

Anyway, Perrin is appealing to South Carolina Democrats to write his name on the ballot. Some of you South Carolinians may remember him, the good-looking young soldier from the Dixie Division.

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