Saturday, November 17, 2007


In the convoluted world of politics, there is no end to the depths to which political operatives will sink to slime the opposition. One of the latest tricks is have some nut seem to support your candidate. This happened last week when Pat Robertson endorsed Rudy Giuliani. People who might have been trying to make up their mind about Rudy suddenly began to wonder what was wrong with him that a wacko like Pat Robertson thought he was the best candidate.

Then a few days ago at a John McCain rally, someone referred to Hillary Clinton as a bitch. The result of that comment was to move Senator Clinton up a few more points ahead of her rivals for the nomination.

Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin would not stoop to such tactics of course, but if there is a real wacko out there who would like to come out in support of one of the Democratic front runners, Perrin wouldn’t object. If someone would like to call Perrin a name that would result in sympathy votes for him, that would be okay too.

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