Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This past weekend Mitt Romney called Rudy Guiliani a Big Cit Big Spender who left a huge budget gap when he was mayor of New York City. Campaigning in Laconia, NH, Guiliani charged back that per capita spending in New York City was down during his administration while spending in Massachusetts was up while Romney was governor. Romney was not able to reduce taxes in Massachusetts, but Guiliani reduced taxes 23 times as New York City mayor.

Romney said that what we need is someone who will rein in spending and say, enough is enough. We have to agree with that, and we can’t think of a more egregious mismanagement of the budget than the present Republican administration in Washington.

Romney and Guiliani can talk about fiscal responsibility, but look at how much they are spending on their political campaigns. If you want to elect a real fiscal conservative, consider Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin. His favorite drink is cheap beer, and he isn’t spending a dime on his campaign.

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