Wednesday, October 31, 2007



Carl Perrin grew up on a farm in New Hampshire. After high school he went to Keene Teachers College, but he quit in the middle of his junior year to enlist in the army during the Korean War. After the war he finished his BA at the University of New Hampshire. While he was going to UNH full time, he worked on the second shift at General Electric in Somersworth, NH. Later Perrin earned a Ph. D. at Ohio State University. He spent a half a century teaching English to young people.

With this background Perrin understands farm problems. He understands veterans and the military. He understands working people, and he really understands education. He is the only candidate who ever worked in a factory or belonged to a union. And of course, being a senior himself, he understands older Americans.

Carl Perrin came from a humble background and through hard work became a college professor. He has had experience in many areas of American life. He has always appreciated cheap beer. Carl Perrin: a man of the people, and the people’s choice.

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