Friday, November 9, 2007


Hillary Clinton has been under attack by her closest rivals in the campaign for the Democratic nomination, but you don’t hear Republicans trying to tear her down. Republicans want Hillary to get the nomination because they believe she will be the easiest to beat in the general election. Why do they think that? People don’t trust her. If you google “Stop Hillary,” you get 99,100 hits. Some people don’t like Rudy Guiliani either, but if you google “Stop Rudy,” you get only 8,790 hits.

Yes, Republicans want Hillary to be the Democratic nominee because she has more negatives than any other candidate. They believe that even a flawed opponent like Rudy Guiliani can beat her in the general election, and that should give pause to all Democrats.

Compare general perception of Hillary Clinton to that of Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin. It is hard to imagine a movement to stop Perrin’s candidacy or to conceive of legions of people coming out to vote for “anyone but Perrin.” If the Democrats want to win the general election, they have to choose a candidate like Carl Perrin, a man of the people and the people’s choice.

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