Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Republican congressman Ron Paul raised $4.07 million dollars for his presidential campaign on Guy Fawkes Day (November 5). Senator Hillary Clinton raised even more than that on June 30. On that one day she collected $6.2 million.

Although his fund raising is nothing like that of Paul or Clinton, Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin recently had a big day. On Halloween Perrin raised $21.42. $1.42 was from a collection jar that he left in the clubhouse at his retirement village. The rest from in the form of a twenty-dollar bill he found in the parking lot.

Although other candidates have a lot more money than he has, Perrin isn’t worried. In just a couple of months the primary season will be open. Perrin doesn’t plan to campaign in Iowa, but he hopes to do well in New Hampshire. He’s not planning to spend any money in the Granite State, but he has a lot of contacts there. He grew up in Amherst, NH, and graduated from Amherst High School. He attended Keene Teachers College and graduated from the University of New Hampshire and earned at master’s degree from Rivier College in Nashua, NH. He also started his teaching career at Hollis High School in Hollis, NH.

Although Perrin is not planning to spend any of his campaign funds in New Hampshire, he knows New Hampshire people, and he knows they will understand his desire not to spend any money if he can avoid it.

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