Monday, November 26, 2007


Despite the valiant efforts of Carl Perrin supporters collecting returnable cans and bottles, there was not enough money in Perrin’s campaign fund to register to be placed on the New Hampshire primary ballot. Perrin is not going to let a little thing like that stop him. You can still write his name on the ballot on January 8.

As you know, Perrin grew up on a farm in Amherst, NH. He and his brother milked the cows before they went to school in the morning. During the summer they cut the hay and brought it to the barn to feed the cows in the winter. Perrin knows what it is like to work on a farm.

He graduated from Amherst High School, the University of New Hampshire, and Rivier College in Nashua, NH. He began his teaching career in Hollis, NH.

Perrin left college in the middle of his junior year to join the army during the Korean War. He belonged to the New Hampshire National Guard from 1956-58.

Perrin understands farmers. Did any of the other candidates ever work on a farm? He understands veterans and military personnel. Did any of the other candidates, other than John McCain, ever serve in the military? While he was going to UNH days, Perrin worked on the second shift at the General Electric plant in Somersworth, NH. Perrin understands working people. Did any of the other candidates ever work in a factory?

Other candidates, Democrats and Republicans, are going to be flooding the media with campaign ads in the weeks to come. Perrin doesn’t have enough money for that kind of media blitz. He is depending on you to help further his campaign, to get the word out by forwarding this message to at least ten people. At the bottom of this message at the right, opposite the place for comments, is an envelope icon. Just click on that to forward this message to ten people. If you do that, love and fortune will come to you. At the same time you will be helping a worthy candidate win the election.

Bless you.

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