Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Yesterday Stephen Colbert announced that he too is running for the presidency. We think it is too bad that he is poking fun at a serious thing like American politics. And where has he been for this past year when serious candidates (like Dr. Carl Perrin) have been on the campaign trail? We rather suspect that, like that other coy candidate, Fred Thompson, he will fall flat on his face when he gets into real campaigning. Thompson looks good when he has a script to follow, but without one, he doesn’t know what to say.

Colbert says he is running as a Democrat and as a Republican. Well, ha ha! He also says he is running only in South Carolina. We find that personally offensive. It is obviously a dig at Dr. Perrin, whose campaign strategy seems to be centered in Maine. But Perrin never said he was campaigning only in Maine. He has contacts all over the country. He was born in Massachusetts, the most liberal state in the country. He grew up in New Hampshire, the state where the first primary is held. He spent 16 years in the Midwest (Missouri and Ohio). He was in South Carolina during the Korean War, in the Dixie Division! He now lives in New Jersey. As you can see, our candidate has contacts with people from lots of places.

As to the issues, Perrin didn’t just suddenly come out for cheap beer as a campaign issue. He has always been in favor of cheap beer. On his teacher’s salary, that was all he could afford.

So, Mr. Colbert, enough of this foolishness. Leave politics to the serious professionals, like Dr. Carl Perrin.

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