Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The Republicans keep sniping at each other. Thompson is off to a disappointing start. At one point he said that he became a father at 17, as though that was a reason to vote for him. Romney used to be in favor of abortion rights and gay rights. Now he is more conservative than thou. Guiliani is trying to appeal to conservatives, but they don’t believe the thrice-married former New York mayor. Ronald Reagan once said that the 11th Commandment for Republicans was not to attack other Republicans. Evidently today’s GOP no longer believes that. Over the next couple of months the Republican field is going to be whittled down. It could well be that in the end the Republican candidate will not be one of the front runners, but a dark horse like Mike Huckabee.

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton keeps sniping at her nearest rival, Barack Obama, suggesting that he lacks experience. Edwards in turn keeps implying that Clinton is too cozy with special interests. After the primaries and caucuses of the next few months, the Democrats might find that they too need a dark horse candidate. And what horse could be darker than Dr. Carl Perrin? Of course everyone in his retirement village knows him as well as his wide circle of relatives, friends, and acquaintances. But he is still not well known in political circles. All this is about to change. Don’t be surprised if you see Dr. Carl Perrin at the head of the Democratic ticket in 2008.


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