Tuesday, October 30, 2007


But this is not good news for the New York senator. An AP-Ipsos survey asked which of the presidential candidates would be the scariest. Thirty-seven percent chose Hillary Clinton. Rudy Guiliani was next with 14 percent.

We assume that Republicans considered Hillary to be the scariest, while Democrats would give the title to Rudy. We are getting scared of Guiliani since his association with neocon Norman Podhoretz, who thinks it would be a nifty idea to bomb Iran. (Haven’t the neocons done enough damage already?)

But really, it is not the Republicans who should be afraid of Hillary Clinton. The Democrats should really be frightened. There is no denying that Mrs. Clinton is very intelligent and well qualified. The problem is that there are so many people who are in favor of “anyone but Hillary.” Sure, a lot of Democrats are in favor of Clinton now, but when she goes to the election against Guiliani, how many Independents will vote for “anyone but Hillary”? Guiliani with his neocon adviser Norman Podhoretz could be the next president. Now that is really scary?

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