Thursday, October 25, 2007


I heartily endorse Dr. Carl Perrin in his campaign for the nomination as Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States. I have known Carl since our days in Σ Τ G fraternity at good old Keene Teachers College in New Hampshire. I can also tell you that Carl has enjoyed cheap beer since those days. (He could really put it away!) Also, like all of us at good old Sigma, he was a Red Sox fan. I am told that he remained a fan of the Sox through his time in the Midwest, the South, and even now in New Jersey (Yankees territory).

We all missed Carl when he, along with a half a dozen other members of our fraternity, enlisted in the army during the Korean War. Instead of coming back to Keene after he got out of the army, Carl went to UNH. While at UNH he worked the second shift at General Electric in Somersworth, NH, while taking a full academic load during the day at the university. I believe Carl is the only candidate of either party who has actually worked in a factory.

Beer drinking, Red Sox rooting, factory working Dr Carl Perrin is truly the people’s candidate. If you don’t work to elect him and vote for him, there must be something wrong with your head.

J. Pierpont Peaseblossom


grammaticus1 said...

If any other loyal supporters of Dr. Perrin's campaign want to write an endorsement, we will be happy to post it here.


SteveM said...

Dr. Carl Perrin's irreverent sense of humor comes across loud and clear; eerily reminding me of an old captain I once served under on the good ship Ingraham.