Monday, October 1, 2007


What a minute! Lee Bolinger already is president—of Columbia University. Former English professor Dr. Carl Perrin has long suspected that academic administrators are chosen for something other than intelligence. Lee Bolinger’s actions have done nothing to change that suspicion. He has been showing remarkable incompetence recently, first in inviting one of the world’s biggest nutcases to speak at the university. He did this supposedly in the interest of freedom of speech. Then while he introduced wacko Ahmaninejad, he insulted the man, who was now his guest! We have no objection to insulting Ahmaninejad, but it is poor form, to say the least, to do so while he is your guest.

We can’t help but be reminded of another president who has screwed up everything he has ever touched. Bolinger could never hope to achieve the exalted degree of incompetence shown by George Bush, but he shows promise.

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