Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Sunday night Rudy Guiliani questioned Hillary Clinton’s loyalty to the New York Yankees because she originally came from Illinois. Now Guiliani himself, campaigning in New England, suddenly becomes a Red Sox fan, stating that his enthusiasm for the Sox comes because he is an American League fan! Is there no limit to pandering for votes by those professional politicians?

If you’re looking for a candidate who has always been a Red Sox fan, look no further than Dr. Carl Perrin. Perrin was born in Massachusetts, grew up in New Hampshire and lived for over a quarter of a century in Maine, all part of Red Sox territory. Even though he now lives in New Jersey, Perrin remains loyal to the Sox. In fact he never watches any other team play.

Perrin remains loyal and sticks to his guns in other areas of national life as well. When he is elected President, Perrin will do something to keep cheap beer available to the American public. You can depend on it.

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