Tuesday, October 2, 2007


George Bush would like to privatize every government function that he can. He tried to partially privatize Social Security, but even the Republicans in Congress wouldn’t go along with that. He wanted to privatize the Transportation Security Administration when it was reorganized after 9/11. That way the people who inspect your baggage at the airport would be employees of private contractors rather than of the government. He would like to see medical insurance go to private insurers rather than to a government agency.

He even went so far as to partially privatize the military, with private contractors like Blackwater doing what military personnel would have done in previous wars. At the same time companies like Haliburton are doing logistics and supply, tasks previously left to the military itself.

We are generally against privatizing government functions, but we can think of one area where privatization might be an improvement. We think that private contractors (or just about anyone for that matter) would do a better job of running the federal government than the present administration. We would like to see a competent private organization take over the job of the current administration. It would be an experiment, of course, a temporary thing, just for, say, the next 15 months.

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