Friday, September 28, 2007


Two major Democratic candidates announced that they would accept public funding for their campaigns. Former North Carolina senator John Edwards said that he had made that decision not because of a shortage of funds but to make a distinction between himself and Senator Hillary Clinton. Edwards has charged that Clinton has accepted money from tainted sources that would make her beholden to them if she is elected. Edwards’ statement also reminded people that Senator Clinton had to return almost $1 million collected by fugitive from justice Norman Hsu.

Former English professor Dr. Carl Perrin also says that he has plenty of funds. His loyal supporters in Maine keep collecting those returnable cans and bottles and cashing them in at recycling centers. Perrin campaign manager Aristotle Mongoose says there is almost $500 in the campaign treasury.

Accepting public funding puts some limits on the campaign. For example, a candidate who accepts public financing cannot spend more than $800,000 in New Hampshire. “Shucks,” Perrin said, “I wasn’t planning to spend anything like that much in New Hampshire. After all, I grew up in the state. That should lead a lot of New Hampshire people to vote for me because I understand the state.”

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