Monday, June 18, 2007


White House spokesman Tony Snow said there was nothing to the rumor that President Bush is planning to move to Albania. During the president’s recent European trip, demonstrators in Germany and Italy came out in large numbers to protest against Bush. Back in the United States Republican senators mortally wounded Bush's immigration bill, even after he went personally to Capitol Hill to lobby for it.

In Albania, on the other hand, the crowds loved him. They cheered and applauded when they saw him and called out “BOOSH-Y BOOSH-Y!” Some Albanians traveled by bus for eight hours just to catch a sight of the president. Along the route from the airport, people waved American flags and sported paper Uncle Sam hats. Albanian prime minister Sali Berisha called Bush, “the greatest and most distinguished guest we have ever had in all times.”

Even though the White House denies it, many still believe the rumor. Why else, they ask, is Bush planning during a Congressional recess to appoint Karl Rove ambassador to Albania? He knows that Rove would never win Senate approval during its regular session. And why is Alberto Gonzales researching the legalities of Bush’s running for president or prime minister or something of Albania? It certainly makes you wonder.

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asper said...

If Bush is the greatest and most distinguished guest that Albania has ever had, one wonders who the other distinguished guests were, Ceaucescu and Milosovich?