Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Democratic candidate Carl Perrin is demanding that the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) cover men who are losing or have lost their hair. “It’s not easy being bald,” the candidate said in a speech at his retirement village. People call you ‘chromedome’ or ‘baldy.’ That does something to your self-confidence.” Perrin went on the say that being bald keeps you out of certain careers. Some older men are male models. These models might have gray hair, but you never see a bald model. Maybe modeling agencies should follow some kind of quota system. For every six hirsute male model, they should have to hire at least one bald model. The same could apply to female models. If Britney Spears wants to do some modeling, she could still get the job if she shaves her head again.

An article in Time magazine about Mitt Romney described as "looking presidential," partly because of his nice head of hair. How is a bald-headed candidate supposed to compete against that?

Before we leave the subject of baldness, we have to report on an incident that Dr. Perrin had with his barber. Perrin noticed that the guy ahead of him, a man with a full head of hair, was charged $8 for his haircut. Perrin asked why he had to pay $8 when he didn’t have any hair on the top of his head. The barber said, “I should charge more because it’s hard to find your hair to cut!”

When Perrin become president, he promises, a lot of things are going to change.


Rodrigo said...

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asper said...

Here is a translation of Rodrigo's Portuguese by Don Arnoldo del Perrino. It was close enough to spanish to render this approximation:

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Lisa said...

Quem é Rodrigue e por que ele gosta de camisas personalizadas de tee? Gosta do seu em particular? Este Natasha volta para visitar numa forma simplesmente sinistra?

As perguntas... Lisa

asper said...

I didn't know that you could comprehende Portuguesa, Lisa. Yes, it certainly looks suspicious. This could be an attempt by Natasha to weasel her/his way back in to the halls of secrecy. And selling said secrets to the highest international bidder.
Next Bush will be pardoning this scofflaw for malfeasance, skulduggery and nastiness.