Thursday, June 7, 2007


During the debate between the Republican candidates for the presidency on May 3, three of the participants signaled that they did not believe in evolution. One of these, Senator Brownback of Kansas, is backing away from this—kind of—in an op-ed piece published in the New York Times on May 31st.

The opposite of evolution, he asserts in his article, is not necessarily a belief that God created the world and everything in it and six 24-hour days. In fact, the senator believes that small changes within species can evolve over time. There is more that one theory of evolution, Brownback declares. He ascribes to the version of evolution that says, “Man is not an accident and reflects an image and likeness unique in the created order.” The senator rejects evolutionary theory only when it is “atheistic theology posing as science.” You have to admire the political skills of a man who can so clearly come down on both sides of an issue.

You won’t find any such wishy-washy position from Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin. He believes in evolution, all forms of evolution. As he himself declares, “I have evolved from the callow youth I was 60 years ago to the experienced, mature man I am today, ready to lead the great nation as your next president.”


asper said...

It is easy to determine the date of the creation as the Bible lists all the "begats" from Adam to known historical figures. And this creation date is 4004 B.C. So evolution could not have taken place in this short 6000 years.

Read your Bible you godless evolutionists!

asper said...

and since the world is only 6000 years old, the dinosaurs could not possibly have lived millions of years ago. So there!