Friday, June 22, 2007


While most people take Carl Perrin to be a mild-mannered English professor, we recently learned that during the 1970’s the professor was carrying on a secret life. The photo from that period shows Perrin in his reserve officer uniform as he rendezvoused with Russian spy Boris Andropov, who went by the code name of Natasha. Andropov cleverly disguised himself as a woman, and in fact Perrin thought Andropov was a woman. “He wore woman’s clothes and said his name was Natasha. What was I supposed to think?” Perrin asked when he was told that “Natasha” was in fact a man.

Now it can be revealed that Perrin was a double agent. The only “secrets” he gave to Natasha were the answer keys to some old tests. “They were grammar tests that I didn’t use any more,” Perrin told us. “I used to laugh when I thought of the KBG trying to figure out what they thought was a secret code.”

As for Natasha, Perrin says he hasn’t seen her since the 1970’s. “But whatever she’s doing,” he said, “I wish her well.”

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