Friday, June 15, 2007


Although Dr. Carl Perrin obviously is highly qualified to be President of the United States, questions about his personal life keep popping up. In the picture above he is shown whooping it up in a restaurant with a bunch of friends. Perrin insists that it was a business meeting, but his story about what kind of business keeps changing, and we can’t help but wonder if he was up to monkey business.

Recently a picture of Perrin with his arm around an unidentified woman came to light. (See May 24 blog.) Perrin insists that she was just a friend who used to get him a baked chicken from Costco every few weeks. You can believe that if you want to. Then another picture came out of the past. This one shows Perrin in his reserve officer’s uniform back in the ‘70s. In this picture a person named
“Natasha” has an arm around a smiling Perrin. (See May 25 blog.) “Nastasha” is wearing a dress. Perrin contends that he never noticed that Natasha also had a mustache.

Now this latest picture shows the candidate at a wild party. We can’t help wonder who the dark-haired beauty sitting opposite him is. And where was Perrin’s wife Janet when the picture was taken?

We admire Dr. Perrin for his many accomplishments, but we can’t help wonder if he has the moral character for the job to which he aspires. We don’t need another Monica Lewinski scandal in the Democratic Party.

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