Thursday, February 7, 2008


Every day brings news surprises as the candidates race to the conventions next summer. Mitt Romney has stopped campaigning, leaving John McCain as the presumed Republican nominee.

On the Democratic side, things are not so clear cut. Clinton has 1045 delegates to Obama’s 960. That gives a slight edge to Hillary, but not so fast. He has raised a pile more money than she has. In January he raised $32 million to her $13.5. Since Super Tuesday he has raised $7.2 million, while she raised $4 million. That puts him in a position to spend a lot more in the primary races ahead.

In an attempt to catch up with Obama, Clinton has lent $5 million of her own money to the campaign, and some of her senior staff have voluntarily given up their pay checks in the race toward the finish. That doesn’t sound good. Remember what happened when Rudy’s senior staff did the same thing.

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