Thursday, February 28, 2008


In the New Jersey Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton won 55 percent of the vote to Barack Obama’s 44 percent. Who got the other one percent? The mainstream media doesn’t even mention other candidates.

Democrat Carl Perrin learned recently that some of the people who live in his retirement village voted for him. There is no breakdown in the newspapers to show how many of the people who know Perrin well voted for him. He is charging discrimination. Did the Democratic establishment and the news just ignore those votes because they came from senior communities? “We’re going to get the AARP involved in this,” a grim-faced Perrin promised. “These people are going to learn that they can’t just ignore senior citizens.”

Even though Perrin has not yet picked up any delegates, and the news is focused on the battle between Clinton and Obama, the former English professor is encouraged by the fact that the people who know him best voted for him. Residents of his retirement community voted for him. Most of his relatives voted for him. (One brother-in-law didn’t vote for him, but that is because of a personal conflict.) Even some crossover Republican relatives voted for him.

If the people who know him the best consider him to be the most qualified candidate, all we have to do is get the word out. Click on the envelope icon on the bottom of this posting, and send this blog to people you know. Be especially sure to send it to residents of retirement communities. Once the word gets out, voters will know what a strong candidate they have in Dr. Carl Perrin.

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