Wednesday, February 6, 2008


After yesterday’s primary elections, John McCain is definitely out front. People are beginning to wonder, if he wins the nomination, whom will he pick as running mate? He and Romney have a clear dislike for each other, so that doesn’t seem a likely combination. What about Mike Huckabee? The former Arkansas governor and Baptist minister would appeal to some of the social conservatives that have doubts about McCain. As governor, however, Huckabee seemed pretty moderate. Conservatives who consider McCain too liberal would probably think the same of Huckabee.

On the Democratic side, the race is still open. Neither Obama nor Clinton has a clear advantage here. The question still remains. No matter which of them wins the nomination, whom would he or she choose as a running mate? The New York Times ran a list of possible running mates for all the candidates still left in the race. For the most part, the people mentioned in the article were not well known. It is hard to see how most of them would bring many votes to the presidential candidate in the general election.

This is why Hillary Clinton and John McCain have come up with a daring strategy. All of this is very hush hush, but we have reason to believe it is true. Just yesterday, as we reported in this blog, Clinton and McCain both switched parties. The news strategy is for both of them to switch parties again! They will run together as Independents. The plan makes sense because the two have long been friends. Clinton could still get the Democratic nomination, but she could lose it. If Obama wins, it doesn’t seem likely that he will offer her the second spot on the ticket. Some conservatives, like Ann Coulter, have said that they would vote and campaign for Clinton if McCain is the Republican nominee. Clinton will pick up the ultra-conservative vote, while McCain will appeal to Independents and Democrats who don’t like Hillary. It will truly be a dream team.

Which one will run as president, and which will be the vice presidential candidate? That hasn’t been decided yet. They will work that out after they find out who has the most delegates.

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