Sunday, February 17, 2008


One of the questions that voters have about Senator John McCain is about whether at age 71, he too old to be president. At that age, after all, he could just suddenly keel over. He counters that question by his vigorous style of campaigning.

If by some remote chance, Carl Perrin is able to secure the Democratic nomination, what an election that would be: a Republican geezer against a Democratic super-geezer!

Naturally people have the same question about Perrin, who will be 78 by Election Day. Does a man that age have the stamina and energy to serve as the nation’s chief executive? Perrin pooh-poohs the thought. As long as he gets his nap every afternoon and gets to bed by a decent hour (9:00 p.m.), he is fine. He keeps up his energy by a daily dose of chocolate and a couple of cheap beers every evening. His memory is great—as long he writes everything down and doesn’t forget where he put those notes to himself.

Not only that, but Perrin comes from a long-lived family. One of his parents and two of his grandparents were still in good health in their nineties. Perrin knows how to limit himself. You don’t see him working his ass off campaigning. He takes it easy and lets the others do the heavy lifting.

Voters can be confident that Perrin will not keel over in the next four years. Furthermore, in 2012, he will be ready to start his campaign for his second term.

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Sue said...

Perrin for President!!