Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Barack Obama came out ahead of Hillary Clinton in yesterday’s contests for the Democratic nomination. What the national news media seem to overlook is the fact that Carl Perrin is still in the race. Sure he didn’t do well in the Mid-Atlantic states, but he didn’t even campaign there. He is putting all his effort into the Ohio primary. He lived in the state for nine years, taught at Defiance College, and earned his Ph.D. at Ohio State University. All that should count for something.

In the meantime, although the campaign in Maine is over, Perrin still has a strong organization there. He is calling on his supporters in the Pine Tree State to collect more returnable cans and bottles to help his campaign treasury. He recognizes that if his campaign is to come from behind, he is going to have to start advertising. He is putting out the call not just in Maine, but to his supporters all around the country to make a contribution to his fight for the nomination.

The country is calling for change, and this is a historic opportunity—to elect a really old guy to the presidency, someone who has been around even longer than John McCain.

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