Monday, February 25, 2008


Over 80 current and former major league baseball players have been accused of using performance enhancing drugs to boost their playing ability. Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens testified, unconvincingly that he has been unjustly accusing of being one of those who had used steroids or human growth hormones.

It is not surprising that suspicions soon turned to the presidential candidates. And who looks more suspicious than Carl Perrin, a 77-year-old with the stamina of a much younger man. People who know him say he has as much energy as a guy in his late sixties.

Perrin, however, insists that he has never used any performance-enhancing drugs, other than cheap beer. “My physical and intellectual prowess are just a natural gift,” Perrin said modestly.

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Anonymous said...

This HGH "controversy" in sports will be meaningless in a few years. Growth Hormone is not a steroid. It's found naturally in the body. Banning it as a performance enhancer is like banning caffeine, sugar, chewing tobacco, or aspirin as a performance enhancer. Shooting HGH is passe now because it can be obtained legally over the counter in a homeopathic oral spray form which does not involve needles. There are about 30 companies selling it legally over the internet. Get over it. HGH is here to stay, like caffeine, sugar, chewing tobacco, and aspirin.