Monday, February 11, 2008


Democratic candidate Carl Perrin congratulated Barack Obama for winning the most delegates in Maine’s caucuses Sunday. He won 15 of the state’s delegates to Hillary Clinton’s nine. Perrin didn’t pick up a single delegate.

Perrin’s campaign has been beset with problems from the beginning. He had hoped to do well in New Hampshire, the state where he grew up. Next he thought a lot of citizens from South Carolina would support him because he spent the first half of his army career at Fort Jackson. After that he pinned his hopes on getting a lot of votes from his friends in West Palm Beach, Florida. He assumed that New Jersey Democrats would give him the nod because that’s where he lives now. As everyone knows, Perrin went down in all four states.

Losing in Maine, however, was a bitter disappointment to Perrin. He lived in the Pine Tree State for 26 years, and he had an active organization going for him there. They raised hundreds of dollars for his campaign by collecting returnable cans and bottles. Perrin’s supporters, however, did not have to strength to overcome Obama’s organization and money.

Some political analysts think the Perrin campaign is doomed, but Perrin vows never to give up. “A lot of things can happen between now and November,” he says. “I’ll be in it to the bitter end.”


Katz said...

Even Dennis Kucinich finally wised up and dropped out of the race. If Perrin doesn't pick up any delegates in today's primaries, maybe he should take a tip from Kucinich.

Janet Perrin said...

Please vote for my husband because I would like to redecorate the White House.