Thursday, December 20, 2007


As we get down to the wire, influential newspapers are endorsing some of the major candidates. John McCain may have the most endorsements. In Iowa the Des Moines Register came out for McCain, giving him a boost in that state’s caucus. Two New Hampshire papers also gave the nod to the Arizona senator. His home state Arizona Republican also endorsed their senator.

Hillary Clinton got the big prize in Iowa, a recommendation from the Des Moines Register. But Barack Obama came out ahead with support from the Boston Globe and from New York Time columnist David Brooks.

Democrat Dr. Carl Perrin also got an endorsement from Leisure Times, a paper published in the retirement village where he lives. Leisure Times noted that Perrin was the only candidate, Democrat or Republican, who promised to keep beer affordable for the average American. Although Leisure Times does not have a lot of subscribers, it is read all over the country, from Maine to California. Perrin feels reassured by this endorsement. Although none of the nation’s big newspapers promoted him, the one that really counts is behind him.

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