Friday, December 28, 2007


Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is leading in Iowa. Nationally he is neck in neck with Rudy Giuliani. Yet a lot of Republicans can’t stand him. They consider him worse than Hillary Clinton. Although Huckabee is popular with social conservatives, he is out of step with the country club and business Republicans.

The Wall Street Journal and the conservative National Review have attacked him. The Club for Growth is campaigning against him in Iowa and South Carolina, charging that he increased taxes while he was Arkansas governor. Club president Pat Toomey called him a “big-government liberal.” Huckabee countered by referring to negative ads from the “Club for Greed, excuse me, the Club for Growth.”

Huckabee has called attention to a difference between Wall Street Republicans and Main Street Republicans, but campaign money comes from the Wall Street types. On February 5 over 20 states will be voting. Huckabee may not have enough money to campaign effectively in all 20 states.

Voters keep switching their views of the candidates, both Republicans and Democrats. It will be interesting if Huckabee wins the GOP nomination. We can imagine him in a debate with Democrat Carl Perrin. The Baptist minister will be quoting the Bible, and the English professor will be quoting Shakespeare.

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