Monday, December 10, 2007


Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin took the bull by the horns and confessed that he is a chocoholic. A lot of people, although they admire the former English professor, were concerned about having a man with Perrin’s weakness for chocolate in the White House.

Speaking before a group of six or seven senior citizens in his retirement village, the candidate sought to reassure the public that they had nothing to fear from having a chocoholic president. “It’s not like I’d go on a chocolate binge and then go crazy and declare Venezuela, Cuba, and Bolivia an axes of evil, and then invade oil-rich Venezuela to prevent it from putting a strangle hold on South America.” Perrin chuckled at the ridiculousness of such an idea.

Perrin admitted that he does have a craving for chocolate, but he insisted, “I can keep it under control. I just limit myself to three or four chocolate bars a day, and everything is fine.”

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