Thursday, December 6, 2007


Democratic members of Congress running for reelection are worried that if Hillary Clinton is nominated for the presidency, they will lose votes. This is particularly true of Democrats running in heavily Republican districts. Nancy Boyda, a Democrat from Kansas, is one who could be affected. Sixty percent of the voters in her district went for George Bush in the 2004 election. Now Ms. Boyda faces a tough reelection battle. Some of her supporters are concerned that if Senator Clinton heads the Democratic ticket in 2008, people like Congresswoman Boyda will lose.

Politicians like Boyda are asserting their independence from leading Democrats in hopes of saving their Congressional seats. Democrats running for office are distancing themselves from Hillary Clinton, just as Republican politicians are staying as far away from Bush and Cheney as they can.

It is time to nominate who will not alienate independent voters, a man who has never even been in Washington, someone like Dr. Carl Perrin, a man of the people, and the people’s choice.

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