Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Just a week before the Iowa caucuses, a new scandal about Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin raises questions about his character. According to the story going around, in 1989 Perrin was two weeks overdue in returning a book to the Portland, ME, library.

When he was first confronted with this wrongdoing, Perrin pretended that he didn’t recall any such incident. When a reporter showed him a copy of the overdue notice from the Portland Library, Perrin couldn’t deny it. The former English professor insisted that the overdue book was merely an oversight. It had been a busy time in his life, and he had just forgotten to return the library book. “Anyway,” he said, “I made a mistake, but I paid my fine, $1.40, and it should not be held against me now, 18 years later.”

Unfortunately, the candidate could not produce the receipt that showed he had actually paid the fine, so some people are wondering if just kept the book an extra two weeks and got away with it. Did he get off scot-free just because he was a professor?

Perrin campaign manager Aristotle Mongoose told us, “Someone leaked this story just before the Iowa caucus so we wouldn’t have time to counter it before the good people of Iowa make their choice about which candidate they want. The dirty sneaks want to damage Dr. Perrin’s reputation with Iowa bibliophiles.”

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