Friday, December 7, 2007


Democrat Dr Carl Perrin’s campaign is picking up steam. At first his financing was limited to money from returnable cans and bottles. Now every few weeks he gets one or two campaign donations in the form of small checks. He now has almost a thousand dollars in his election fund, not enough to spend on advertising in the primaries, but there will be some for the general election next fall. Name recognition is climbing too. From reading his blog, several hundred people now know that he is running for the president. So the campaign is going pretty well, but still something is missing, and Perrin is way behind all those professional politicians.

What do these other candidates have that Perrin lacks? It is not ability or charisma or good looks obviously. What they have is a celebrity helping them in their campaign. Oprah is campaigning for Barack Obama while Chuck Norris puts in a good word for Mike Huckabee. Barbra Streisand is supporting the former first lady and Warren Buffett is helping with her fund raising. You get the picture?

Dr. Perrin needs a celebrity to get the word out about his campaign. We wondered why some famous personality hasn’t already come out and said, “Vote for Perrin. He’s our man!” It soon became clear that no big name had come to Perrin’s aid because they didn’t realize he needed anyone’s help. It is obvious that Perrin is so eminently qualified for high office that no one thought they needed to come out and endorse him and give him a hand with his campaign.

Unfortunately in the real world even someone as outstanding as Perrin needs some star power to help him along. So come on, you entertainment luminaries, you famous people from all walks of life, it’s time for you to come out and support Dr. Carl Perrin’s candidacy.

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asper said...

I, Oliver Tolliver P. Martin Dragbag III, would like to pledge my support and that of all my followers, to Candidate Perrin. I expect to be well known on the lecture circuit (which will widen as we get appoinments),backyard barbecues, political discussions down at the filling station, and many contributions to various blogs and websites. Investigate if you must, you will find no dirty laundry in my basket.