Monday, December 3, 2007


More details are emerging on Democratic candidate Carl Perrin’s trips to Maine at taxpayer expense. In his public announcements, Perrin has emphasized the campaign in the state of Maine. But we have learned that he started going to Maine long before he even thought about running for the Democratic nomination. According to our sources, these trips go back at least to 2001. Frequently he went by himself, telling his wife that he was “visiting relatives in Maine.”

We have learned that he always stayed at the home of the unidentified woman pictured above, a woman, we might add, who looks young enough to be Perrin’s daughter. When reporters confronted the candidate about what was going on, he refused to identify the woman. “Where I go in Maine is nobody’s beeswax,” the angry former professor insisted. Our sources have not identified the woman by name, but we have learned that she is a volunteer worker for Perrin’s campaign in Maine.

Campaign manager Aristotle Mongoose told us that he believes the leaks about Perrin’s secret life are coming from Democratic front runners. “They see a surge in support for Dr. Perrin, and they feel threatened by his candidacy.”

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