Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hillary Clinton won in both delegate-rich states, Texas and Ohio. She also won in Rhode Island, while Barak Obama won in Vermont. Obama is still ahead in delegate count, but the New York senator has narrowed his lead. The race is still on with no clear-cut top dog for the ultimate prize. On the Republican side, John McCain came out with a clear victory. He will be the Republican candidate for the presidency.

Attention now focuses on Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin. He has not picked up a single delegate (although he did get a few votes in his retirement community). Will he stay in the race? The answer to that question is, yes. Perrin realizes that it is mathematically impossible for him to get enough votes in the upcoming primaries to win the nomination that way. “I am suspending campaigning, but I am not withdrawing from the race. It ain’t over until it’s over,” the former English professor said.

According to insiders, the way Perrin sees it, the battle between Obama and Clinton will go all the way to the convention. The two senators will each have about the same number of delegates, so the convention will not be able to choose between them. They will have to find a compromise candidate, someone like Professor Carl Perrin.

The fact that the Republican candidate will be John McCain will work in Perrin’s favor. A lot of seniors will vote for McCain because of his age. It would be a big mistake for Democrats to let the GOP take all the geezer votes.

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