Monday, March 17, 2008


New York governor Eliot Spitzer has sex with a high-priced prostitute. Hey, that’s nothing. What about former New Jersey governor James McGreevey? McGreevey came out of the closet in 2004, telling the world that he was a “gay American,” and resigning his post.

Big deal! Now a former McGreevey aide says Big Jim took part in other unusual sexual practices. Teddy Pedersen, a former driver for McGreevey, used to get together with his boss and Dina Matos McGreevey, both before and after their marriage, for what they called a “Friday Night Special. It started at T.G.I.Friday restaurant and ended at the McGreevey Woodbridge condo for three-way sex.

Pedersen was subpoenaed by Mrs. McGreevey’s in her divorce trial. He told his story to the New York Post because he was tired of Mrs. McGreevey’s playing the victim and calling New York governor Eliot Spitzer a hypocrite when she herself was far from innocent.

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