Tuesday, March 11, 2008


New York Democratic governor Eliot Spitzer got caught using the services of a high-priced call girl. Spitzer, Mr. Clean, the sheriff of Wall Street, the politician who was going to bring a much-needed dose of ethics to Albany, who as attorney general prosecuted prostitution rings, including a Staten Island ring that resulted in the arrest of 18 people inn 2004—that Eliot Spitzer? Yes, indeed. While in Washington last month he secured the services of a high-priced call girl. Federal investigators have recordings of the governor’s arrangements for the rendezvous. The recordings indicate that he was a return customer.

Well, it could be worse. At least Spitzer was with a call girl. It’s not like some Republican law makers, such as Senator Larry (wide-stance) Craig, who was arrested after an encounter with an undercover male police office in an airport rest room. Or former Florida congressman Mark Foley, who resigned after improper e-mail messages to male teen-age pages became public.

At least Eliot Spitzer’s hank-panky was with women, not men. In the tradition of Bill Clinton, Democrats who get in trouble over sexual impropriety keep it heterosexual.

Of course, except for former New Jersey governor James McGreevey—but let’s not go there.

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Anonymous said...

Spitzer spent over $80,000. on prostitutes. Your tax dollar at work, New Yorkers. David Letterman was wondering if it was too early to hit on Mrs. spitzer.