Tuesday, September 25, 2007


At one time Dr Carl Perrin worked in a crisis unit for people with mental illness. Sometimes when these people were having a problem, they would stay in the unit for a few days as an alternative to going back to the hospital. Needless to say, Perrin met some very interesting people there. Perrin has a kind face, and often these people opened up and told them secrets that they said they wouldn’t tell anyone else.

One man confided to Perrin that he had been getting signals from Russia for years. The Russians were sending electromagnetic waves to his brain. He said he hadn’t told this to many people, but he told Perrin a half an hour after he met him because he felt he could trust Perrin.

On another occasion a woman told Perrin that the government was “out to get her” because she “knew too much.” It was Perrin’s kind and honest face that led her to tell Perrin her secret shortly after she met him. After a few days the woman went home to her apartment in Portland, Maine. A couple of months later the woman realized that “the government was pumping poison gas into her apartment.” To counteract the poison gas, she turned on her gas-burning stove, which started a fire. This time the woman didn’t stop at the crisis unit. She was taken back to the hospital.

Columbia University invited one of the big-time wackos to speak yesterday, a man who denied the Holocaust and asserted that there were no homosexuals in Iran, etc. Columbia did this in the name of free speech. Come on, if Columbia really believed in free speech, they would have a forum for the unfortunate people Perrin worked with. I bet that woman would love an opportunity to tell an audience about how the “government was out to get her.”

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asper said...

Amahdinejad isn't crazy, the government really is out to get him. Thank Allah.