Tuesday, September 11, 2007



Merrimack, New Hampshire, high school student Melissa Morin tried to create a major problem for her high school when she submitted a senior picture with her sitting on a trunk and holding a red flower. It is easy to understand why school officials would be upset by such an outrageous act of defiance.

A couple of years ago a student in another school district submitted a senior picture of himself wearing hunting clothes and holding a shot gun over his shoulder. Merrimack High School officials then instituted a policy that that banned all props in senior pictures. Not guns, not weapons, but all props. Those teenagers are always thinking about things they can do to get adults all upset.

But Melissa Morin just ignored the rule and posed for a picture of herself holding a flower. If they let her get away with holding a flower, pretty soon students would be submitting pictures of themselves with their cats and dogs or holding cell phones or sitting at computers. There’s no telling where it would have ended if the school authorities hadn’t acted promptly.

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Christine said...

Give me a break! Computers, cell phones, cats and dogs.... and then swasticas, hooded robes, and gang symbols. Who knows where to draw the line? It's always fine until it's offensive to me.... then I want the rule to be inforced. And who decides what's offensive and what's not? It's best not to have to decide when someone has crossed the line.