Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Campaign funds returned by Senator Clinton: $850,000.

Campaign funds returned by Dr. Perrin: $0.

First Senator Hillary Clinton decided to give to charity the $23,000 that fugitive from justice Norman Hsu had donated directly to her campaign. Then she decided that she should also return the $850,000 that Hsu had raised for her from other people. Hsu, a fugitive from justice on a fraud charge dating back to 1992, liked to make generous contributions to political campaigns. When his legal status became known, Mrs. Clinton gave away the $23,000 he had contributed to her. Then when he tried to dodge a new court date, the Clinton campaign figured they had better give back the $850,000 Hsu had gathered from other contributors and passed along to her campaign fund.

Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin has had no such trouble. He has not and will not have to return any campaign contributions. He is not beholden to any special interests, shady or squeaky clean. Most of Perrin’s campaign funds have come from returnable cans and bottles. It is not the big money or the special interests who have supported Perrin. It is the little people, collecting returnables one bottle or one can at a time. When Perrin is elected, it is the little people for whom he will be working, not the big money people.

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