Friday, September 7, 2007


Moneyman and political donor Norman Hsu has been arrested in Grand Junction, Colorado. Hsu has been a fugitive from justice since conviction on a fraud charge in California in 1992, when he failed to appear in court for sentencing. In the meantime Mr. Hsu has gone on making money and contributing to political candidates. Unfortunately, the donations to big-name candidates brought him to the attention of the San Mateo, California, court, where he was supposed to have appeared fifteen years ago.

He went back to court and posted a $2 million bail and was scheduled to go back Wednesday, September 5. True to form, he just took off again, hoping perhaps to get another fifteen years before they caught up with him again. He became sick on an Amtrack train en route to Denver, Colorado, and was taken to the hospital, where he was arrested by the FBI. Mr. Hsu appeared surprised. “September 5? Oh, I thought I was supposed to be back in court on October 5.” The FBI was having none of it; they will be taking him back to California.

The fugitive gave over $1.2 million to political candidates in the past few years, including presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Democratic candidate Dr. Carl Perrin never accepted any money from Hsu. Perhaps Hsu hoped that President Hillary Clinton would grant him a pardon in return for the $23,000 he donated to her campaign, just as President Bill Clinton pardoned a bunch of bozos in his last days in office. Mrs. Clinton, however, seems unlikely to pardon Hsu. She donated the $23,000 to charity.

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