Friday, September 14, 2007


President Bush adds another victory to his string of successes. Citing the success of his surge strategy in Iraq, the president stated that by Christmas he can begin bringing home the extra troops he sent to Iraq at the beginning of the year. “By next summer, he said, “we should be back to the level we were two years ago.”

Mr. Bush’s stunning success in Iraq has been equaled in other areas. Sure, even though Bush’s FEMA director did a heck of a job after Hurricane Katrina, there was some damage inflicted on New Orleans, but you have to look at the good side: A lot of undesirables moved away, leaving it with a smaller population.

And Bush’s attorney general really cleaned up the Justice Department. He got rid of a lot of closet Democrats and others who didn’t show appropriate party loyalty. The department is a lot different from what it was six years ago.

One of the great milestones of the Bush administration has been the Orwellian Medicare prescription drug program with its irrational “donut hole” and its penalty to seniors who do not sign up for the program as soon as they’re eligible.

His one big failure was the attempt to take Social Security into some kind of private enterprise program. But you can’t say he didn’t try. If those Democrats hadn’t fought him tooth and nail, he might have succeeded even there.

As of today Bush has 496 days to occupy the White House. We hope he doesn’t have too many more successes like the ones he has had so far.

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