Thursday, November 24, 2011

Like everyone else, former presidential candidate Dr. Carl Perrin has a few regrets. One of those is that he didn’t follow the example of pizza man Herman Cain. While Cain was pretending to run for the presidency, he actually got his name out in a way that would promote his book, My Journey to the White House.

Perrin could have done the same, but he took his candidacy more seriously than Cain did. Now Perrin’s book is out, Elmhurst Community Theatre. The novel recounts the travails of an out-of-work actor who struggles with a rag-tag cast to produce one of the worst plays ever written. At this point it is available only as an electronic book, which can be purchased from as a kindle book or from Barnes and Noble for a nook reader.

Click on Perrin’s website to get more details:

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