Friday, December 9, 2011


Former presidential candidate Carl Perrin is beginning to regret that he withdrew from the race. Herman Cain stayed in long after he should have withdrawn because he was getting his name out and generating sales of his book.

Former House leader Newt Gingrich is going one better. He gives a political speech and then offers his books (plural) for sale. At the same time his wife Callista sells some of the children’s books that she wrote.

Perrin has written a few books also He really regrets the missed opportunity. He could have given a speech about the value of cheap beer and then offer some books for sale. You can find out about some of his books at this

If he had stayed in the race, he might even have been invited to Donald Trump’s circus debate along with Gingrich and Rick Whatisname. Perrin would have brought his birth certificate along so he would be ready for the important issues that Trump would be likely to cover.

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