Tuesday, November 25, 2008


What a shame! Ann Coulter had a bad fall last month and fractured her jaw. Now her jaw is wired shut. Does that mean we aren’t going to be able to hear her tell how liberals are conspiring to turn the country over to terrorists? That Democrats are trying to undermine the moral character of the country? That progressives are planning to sell out the nation? Who is going to tell us that we are going to hell in a hand basket now that the Democrats are going to gain power in Washington? Is this the end?

I almost forgot. We still have Sarah. Yes, Sarah Palin can tell the country that the president-elect pals around with terrorists. That when the Ruskies attack, they will hit Alaska first. That she needs some more clothes from Saks Fifth Avenue. That she is prepared to be president in 2012. Thank God. For a minute I thought the country would be in trouble without Ann warning us against the danger from liberals.

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SteveM said...

That does it. I'm afraid I hafta throw down about this one. You can't get away with putting down a hottie like Ann Coulter and get away with it. So what if she's a media whore? Have you checked out those gams? They're the closest the right wing has come to producing a national treasure! What the hell is America coming to if we won't show any respect for a self-promoting harlot who looks that good in a little black dress? I say, if she's good enough for Bill Maher to bone, she's ok in my book! Damn the torpedoes!